Mixing machine for bristles and synthetic filaments


Mixing and combing machine for natural bristles, synthetic filaments and horsehair from the minimum size of 44 mm up to 160 mm. The loading operation is made by hand, laying the material on conveying belts running between adjustable swinging patters. In the upper section of the machine, the material is held between 3 couples of disks and combed by rotary combs. The mixing process is made in the lower part of the machine, where the material is distributed on 2 or 3 layers.

Indicative capacity with natural bristle: from 2,5 kg (44 mm) up to 7,0 kg (108 mm)

Standard equipment

  • Extruded aluminium frame and transparent polycarbonate guards.

  • Bakelite loading shelves.

  • 2 side hand wheels for the adjustment of the patters.

  • Patters stop sensor at closest position.

  • Control consoles with E-stops at the sides of the machine.

  • Steel net and polycarbonate panel guards.

  • Mixing carriage gears (oil bath) and toothed belt drive.

  • Disks chain and gears drive. The disks fit toothed rubber rings on the outer rim.

  • 6 rotary combs, diameter 310 mm.

  • Independent fan with rejected hairs collect sac and upper exhaust filter.

  • Electric enclosure with PLC controller with data set (mixing time and combs speed) and touch screen display.

  • Variable conveying speed with start/stop footswitch control.

  • Variable combing speed.

Optional equipment

  • Loading magazine (5 m) with conveying chains and transfer bridge with adjustable patters – transfer speed synchronized to the mixer speed – foot switch control.

  • Unloading magazine (5 m) with conveying chains, pick-up and accumulation device pneumatic actuated, with adjustable patters – foot switch control.

  • Filament butt roughing wheel with independent motor, frequency drive – pneumatic actuated (replaces one comb).

  • Ionizing device for reducing the static electricity.

  • Spiked drive roller for slippery synthetics.

  • Pneumatic load control on the first upper disk for synthetics.

  • Tank with electric pump and piping for dripping lubricant/anti static liquids over the filaments.