Mixing machine for bristles and synthetic filaments


Extended size mixing and combing machine type MFR200 with six fork shaped combs, suitable for processing hairs, natural fibres and syntetic filaments from 60 to 200mm.


Standard equipment

  • Variable mixing conveying speed obtained through six motors with individual frequency drive

  • Self aligning patters stop system

  • Fork shaped combs with variable rotation speed (frequency drive), supporting up to 8 steel needles.

  • Drive belts “sandwich” hold system

  • Dust suction system with waste collect sacs

  • Rotary trimmers located on the top layer of the machine, adjustable from 70 to 200mm, moving back and forth to working position with pneumatic drive – programmable time

  • Control features of the MFR200 including PLC, variable frequency drives and programming console with large touch screen display. The system allows storage of different mixture programs including mixing time, conveying speed and trimming mode.

  • Separate control enclosure